Houston’s Best in Home Tech Support

Home Tech Support is a quick and painless way of fixing many of your home computer’s problems.  We love telling our customers to stop lugging their computers around and let us come and offer the same professional service in the comfort of their own home that we offer in our shop.

Most Problems Can Be Fix At Home.Home-Tech-Support

That is right.  Most of your computer issues can be fixed in the comfort of your home.  Our professional techs have the knowledge to quickly diagnosis the issue and fix it while you watch them.  We often find that we get a better insight of what is going wrong with the computer in the environment that it happens in.  A lot of the services we offer can only be fixed at home.  We offer home networking, WiFi setup, file sharing, security camera setup and home automation.  These are just some of the service we can offer you with our Home Tech Support.

We offer honesty and integrity with every service call.

While we believe the majority of service call can be fixed in the home, there are some companies out there that show up and then return to the shop with your computer because it was over their head.  It is important to call us and speak to one of our techs to see if your problem is when that can be fixed at home.