Do you need PC Tech Support?  Call Just Geek IT

Just Geek IT offers PC Tech Support and repair services for all makes, models and brands of laptop and desktop computers. We also offer repairs on high developed custom system as well as build them.

Virus Removal and Malware Removal

If your computer is plagued with viruses, trojans or even harmful malware, we have the technology and the knowledge to bring your computer back to life.  We offer support on removing and speeding up your computer.

Data Recovery and Management Services

Just Geek IT have the knowledge and the tools to recover lost data.  Often data recovery can be done in our shop.  In the most severe cases, we also have the connections to send of data and have it recovered in a state of the art clean room.

Just Geek IT also offer several ways to establish a healthy backup system.  We specialize in onsite and offsite data management.

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